Ciorba Group has completed numerous traffic engineering studies for government agencies and private clients. Many of these studies involved coordination with a multitude of local, county, and state agencies. Our engineering staff performs intersection design studies to improve operations and safety, conducts crash analysis to identify the need for upgraded safety measures, analyzed speed limits to validate existing conditions or recommend revisions, prepared warrant analysis to justifying existing or recommend new traffic signal or multi-way stop sign installations, and developed traffic demand projections.

Our staff is experienced in utilizing  Highway Capacity Software and Synchro to improve traffic flow including through multiple interconnected signalized intersections. Intersection geometrics are reviewed using AutoTurn to verify compliance with vehicle clearance requirements. We also perform safety studies following Road Safety Audit (RSA) procedures to identify locations where improvements can better protect the public. The RSA can be used to incorporate the cost of needed improvements in local agency budgets or investigate the  availability of federal funds. Traffic studies can also support developing the proposed traffic maintenance plan for improvement projects on high volume expressways or arterial streets.