Municipal engineering has been a core service at Ciorba Group since our inception over 90 years ago. Working with local communities encompasses all of our services – Roadway, Water Resources, Structural, and Construction – as well as the ability to provide the everyday assistance of a municipal engineer. We believe that serving a community means more than just having the right engineering expertise. An engineer must be able to look beyond the technical aspect of a project and have the skills to understand what is important to municipal officials, residents, and businesses. Our engineers have that ability to see the project through the eyes of the local stakeholders, working with them towards the successful completion of an improvement.

Ciorba provides other civil engineering services to both governmental and private clients. Designing the necessary infrastructure improvements for a new site development again brings together all the core services that Ciorba provides to our clients. A new site may require parking lots and sidewalks, storm water management facilities, water and sewer utilities, and retaining walls, along with the associated permitting. Another important responsibility of both municipalities and the owners of private facilities is managing their existing infrastructure. Our asset management team can develop a baseline condition of a client’s infrastructure and then assist in developing a maintenance program to extend its life and avoid the cost of its premature replacement.