Whether improving a major state arterial, a single collector street or developing a multi-year street rehabilitation program, Ciorba Group has the staff with the necessary expertise and experience. Ciorba engineers can perform the preliminary engineering studies for a roadway improvement  to establish the construction strategy, develop new roadway geometrics, analyze intersection capacity, identify environmental concerns, estimate construction costs, evaluate safety and drainage issues, and solicit public stakeholder input. Our engineers understand the value of introducing traffic calming measures in urban roadway projects to satisfy “Complete Streets” requirements. Street “diets” can be implemented to provide the needed space for pedestrian and bicyclist safety. Once the preliminary studies are approved, Ciorba’s team  can then prepare the design plans, specifications, and final cost estimates for bidding. All studies, reports, plans, and specifications follow the requirements of the State DOT and FHWA. For local agencies, our involvement can start with assisting in obtaining federal funds to improve an eligible arterial or collector street. We help secure federal funds distributed through locally authorized planning organizations.

We can also develop multi-year street programs for local agencies, prioritizing repairs based not only on condition but  on budget, traffic volume, and public input. Programs often begin with a field review to determine roadway condition and the extent of needed improvements: resurfacing, rehabilitation, or reconstruction. As with local streets, alleys must be maintained as part of a community-wide program or on an as-needed basis.