Ciorba Group’s roadway staff has extensive experience in preliminary and design engineering for improvements to mainline expressways and their interchanges. Preliminary studies develop needed operational and safety improvements including geometric upgrades, address environmental concerns, identify additional right of way needs, solicit stakeholder input, and prepare construction cost estimates. Design engineering develops detailed plans and specifications that communicates the proposed improvements to the contractor in the field.

Our construction documents comprehensively incorporate all elements of the improvement: estimated quantities, maintenance of traffic, suggested work staging, improvement type and limits, and standard and special details. For some projects, our services were provided within an accelerated time frame to meet scheduled advertisement dates. Our experienced staff also has the expertise to assist transportation agencies in developing the construction strategy (resurfacing, rehabilitation, or reconstruction) needed to extend the useful life of an expressway. Ciorba’s projects have ranged from reconfiguring major interstate interchanges to mainline reconstruction and add lane projects that improve expressway safety and capacity.