Pine Street and Eldorado Street over the UP Railroad


Village of Winnetka


Winnetka, Illinois

Ciorba Group provided preliminary, final design, and construction services for the rehabilitation of two four-span bridges over the Union Pacific Railroad tracks in downtown Winnetka, Illinois.  Both bridges required a total superstructure replacement and substructure repairs.  Work included preparation of a Bridge Condition Report and Project Development Report; TS&L and final design plans. The superstructure of both bridges consisted of new rolled beams, the substructure was reused: the bridges were raised using steel extensions at the bearings to improve vertical clearance over the railroad.  Both bridges, which are located in a residential area, had installed a concrete aesthetic railing similar to what previously used on other project in Winnetka. Federal HBRRP funds were used to finance the improvement, during all phase the project included coordination with the UPRR.