Various Intersection Improvements


Illinois Department of Transportation,
District One (IDOT)


Various Counties, Illinois


Ciorba Group provided preliminary engineering for various intersection improvements located throughout six counties of District One, to date 13 intersections have been studied. Preliminary studies include Intersection Design Studies, capacity analyses, crash analyses, Location Drainage Studies and cost estimates. Environmental documentation is prepared especially for wetland impacts and CCDD. Environmental Survey Request forms with necessary exhibits for each intersection are submitted to IDOT for review and processing. Alternative maintenance of traffic concepts to construct the improvements at each intersection are analyzed and a recommended approach selected for implementation. An evaluation is made at each intersection on the need for additional right of way or easements. The goal is to minimize right-of-way impacts. Construction cost estimates are also developed for each intersection. Coordination meetings are held with local municipalities throughout the preliminary process. The results of the studies will be summarized in separate Project Reports for each intersection.