Ciorba Group’s bridge design team has a rich and diverse background. We have solid design experience with a range of structural types. Our structural engineers have designed arch bridges, truss bridges, railroad bridges, pedestrian bridges, and steel girder and concrete bridges with complex geometry. Our staff also has extensive experience with steel bridges on curved horizontal alignments, long integral abutment bridges, post-tensioned structures, structures in seismic areas, deep foundations, and retaining walls.

In addition to mastering typical bridge designs, we have the ability of performing complex structural analyses and design. Our structural staff is licensed in several states including Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, Wisconsin, Michigan, Louisiana, Florida, Texas, Ohio, Europe and we have relevant experience in projects throughout the United States and overseas. Our structural group has a long and storied history of authoring and presenting technical papers on innovative design and advanced analysis.  As our most recent awards demonstrate, we are continuing our history of receiving recognition for our outstanding achievements.