Ciorba Group provides structural and other support services to various bridge and heavy civil and transportation contractors and steel erectors for highway and railroad projects. Working closely with these Contractors, we provide support services to prepare erection and demolition plans that require complex analysis of existing and proposed field conditions. Our services also involve developing the geometrics and pavement type for haul roads or causeways at locations with accessibility issues, or the sizing and layout of temporary culverts and storm sewers to provide positive site drainage during construction.

We also check for structural stability and safety under various construction stages, wind and loading conditions. In many cases, we prepare calculations and reports for owner and agencies approval. We have analyzed curved steel ramps, post-tensioned structures, railroad bridges, tunnel structures, temporary soil retention systems and shoring plans, cofferdams and sheet piling systems. We also verify capacity and stability of structural elements under construction equipment. Our contractor services also include assistance during bid preparation when we work with estimators reviewing plans and envisioning any potential technical solutions that can provide savings to the owner and a most competitive contractor’s bid. Ciorba Group has a growing list of contractors who call on us to assist them on construction projects throughout the United States.