Ciorba Group assists state and local agencies in their asset management programs for bridges and other infrastructures. Most typical services include bridge inspections, condition reports, load ratings, and design for repairs and rehabilitations. Our staff is trained per the Federal Highway Administration and National Highway Institute (FHWA/NHI) standards and experienced in Bridge, Element Level and Fracture Critical Inspections, Scour Evaluations and Underwater Bridge Inspections. Our structural staff has NBIS qualified Program Managers, Team Leaders and Inspectors and we have the knowledge and experience to perform various type of Non-Destructive Testing on structures. We have in-house developed tools to collect and store fully digital inspection data in the field. To streamline the inspection process, we use tablets that can relate field data and photos to a GPS system so they can easily be used in our reports.

In addition to our inspection services, we provide our clients with multi-year maintenance and capital improvement planning. We proactively assist local agencies in obtaining state and federal funding to meet their maintenance needs. As part of our asset management services we provide recommendations for maintenance, design services for repairs and rehabilitation of bridges and other structures, bid assistance and construction observation services.