State Street (US 20 BR) at Perryville Road Intersection Improvements

Ciorba Group is currently providing the final design plans to improve the intersection of State Street (US 20 BR) and Perryville Road. State Street is a major six-lane, divided rural highway through Rockford, Illinois while Perryville Road is a four lane Winnebago County highway. To improve capacity and safety at the intersection, the State Street pavement will be widened to accommodate a second left turn and a dedicated right turn lane on both legs. Improvements will also include resurfacing 0.56 miles of State Street from Mill Road to Buckley Drive, removing the outside shoulders to provide an urban cross section with a closed drainage system. A new multi-use path and sidewalk will be added to meet Complete Streets policy. Retaining walls will be constructed at various locations to minimize right-of-way impacts. The improvements require new traffic signals at the intersection while the existing traffic signals at Mill Road and Buckley Drive will be modernized with an interconnect system installed between the three signals.


Illinois Department of Transportation,
District Two


Rockford, IL