South Wheeling Road Drainage Improvements

Ciorba Group was selected by the Village of Wheeling to conduct an updated drainage alternatives study and prepare final design plans to mitigate flooding on South Wheeling Road.  The project is located in a depressional area and has experienced flooding to depths of four feet, including approximately 500 feet of roadway that gets inundated by a foot or more during significant storm events.  The tributary area of 10.9 acres is comprised of mostly impervious surfaces, including large parking lots, driveways, and manicured parkways.  The Village’s goal is to provide a 100-year level of protection for the area.  Alternatives being considered include a relief storm sewer, a stormwater lift station, and raising the road profile.  The scope of services includes: topographic survey; updating the existing condition XP-SWMM unsteady flow model and calibrating it with rainfall data; analyzing alternative designs to alleviate the street flooding; preparing preliminary design and cost estimates for each alternative; and preparing final design plans, specifications, and cost estimates for the preferred alternative.


Village of Wheeling


Wheeling, IL