County Farm Road and Greenbrook Boulevard Resurfacing

Ciorba Group is currently providing the final design plans, specifications, and cost estimates for the resurfacing of two County highways: County Farm Road (Schick Road to Lake Street – 13,750 feet) and Greenbrook Boulevard (County Farm Road to Lake Street – 5,025 feet). The improvements will consist of milling, minor pavement patching, intermittent curb and gutter replacement, sidewalk replacement at intersections to meet ADA requirements, HMA resurfacing, pavement striping and site restoration.  Due to a high number of accidents, a raised median will also be added at a reverse curve on County Farm Road, which will also require drainage improvements for the new median. The pedestrian signals at the County Farm Road/Ontarioville Road intersection were upgraded as part of the improvement. The project will use federal STP funds for construction so all design plans and specifications will be completed in accordance with IDOT and FHWA requirements.


DuPage County Division of Transportation


DuPage County, Illinois