Exit 10 Update

Our dedicated team has been closely monitoring and documenting the construction of 12 bridge structures. We’ve been hard at work on bridge deck milling, hydro demolition, joint removal, and reconstruction, as well as substructure repairs for piers and abutments. Two abutments have been removed and reconstructed as integral abutments, with four additional integral abutments in progress using phased construction. We’ve also sandblasted and repainted multiple structures, while implementing partial depth patches and sealing the bridge deck on two more. Our team has been paving new hot mix asphalt on shoulders and lanes, and diligently working on guardrail installation along the mainline and throughout the exit ramps. The project also involves lighting and numerous other components that are being added every week. With a scheduled completion date of November 2023, we’re excited to see this project continue to develop and can’t wait to share more updates with you!


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