Ciorba Celebrates 90 Years!

Why a new website in 2017? This year marks a special milestone in Ciorba Group history: 90 years have passed since the company was established  as a firm specializing in municipal and land development engineering services to communities along Chicago’s North Shore. After a first expansion of our client base to include local governments and private clients throughout northern Illinois,  the firm ventured into transportation and structural engineering for state agencies in Illinois. Today we continuously work on strengthening our technical skills in the areas of Roadway, Bridge and Structure and Water Resources to provide our services to more markets and in a larger area. Our goal is to become a regional player in the Midwest through organic growth, strategic partnerships and targeted acquisitions. We have recently added an office in northwest Indiana to further serve municipalities, counties, and state agencies in the northern part of the State. As we reflect on our 90-year anniversary and launch our new website, we celebrate our tradition of providing quality engineering solutions for the community. We look forward to continuing to offer innovative engineering services for another 90 years to our current and future clients!  We like to think of ourselves as a dynamic firm at the crossroad between tradition and innovation. Our newly designed website will serve as an introduction to the one who do not know us and to our current clients who may learn something new about us.


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